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We Care for Children from Toddler to Preschool Ages in Georgetown, Norval, and Halton Hills

At Georgetown Daycare Centre & Nursery School Inc, our registered educators and support staff apply their knowledge of play-based learning to discover your child’s interests and promote your child’s development. We encourage their personalities to shine, while providing a safe place for them to learn, play and grow. We care for children that are 15 months to age 5 at our two locations in Georgetown and Norval. We serve Halton Hills as well.

Toddlers - 15 Months to 2 ½ Years Old

Bursting with energy, toddlers need to be stimulated as much as possible. It is precisely for this reason that we offer a play-based learning environment. This allows us to create an engaging and captivating atmosphere that promotes learning while developing necessary social skills.

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Preschool - 2 ½ to 5 Years Old


Our preschool programs focus on play-based learning sessions with hands-on activities. Our preschool educators encourage language development, positive social conduct, world exploration and much more. As your child approaches school age, we encourage self-care and independence within our daily routines. Educators guide the children through problem-solving strategies, emotional development, peer communication and acceptance, setting them up for success!

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We’re Ready for You!

Visit us at two locations in Norval to discuss your child’s enrollment.

Professional Affiliation: Quality First

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